Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Muse...the Bowl of Soul

I have a confession to make, or actually an introduction...of the true inspiration behind the title of my Blog - will the real "Bowl of Soul" please stand up -

This little beauty is as delicious to taste, as it is scrumptious to look at - take my word for it. In my opinion, the 7 hour drive to Boise or Sun Valley, Idaho is well worth the ensuing reward to the tastbuds that comes from sipping this molten chocolate, espresso, whipped cream delight, and after you indulge your way to the bottom of the cup where only tiny flecks of Mexican chocolate are left to swirl, you will experience the true intention behind its namesake - a filled up soul.

So here's the story - I discovered little Java on Fourth years ago while visiting Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID on a ski trip with a bunch of friends. We all ventured in for a hot treat and a homemade pastry after a rough day sliding down Mt. Baldy (some of us actually skied down)in the below-freezing temperature. I remember being so intrigued with the name of this mysterious beverage, "Bowl of Soul," that I had to order one to find out just what was involved. I still recall the warm chocolate and espresso blend heating up my cold tummy on the way down and diving through the fresh whipped cream that floated so beautifully at the top of the mug, much like a puffy cloud saunters along though the summer sky - surreal in its movement. The taste of that drink sank in to my belly and filled my soul with such happiness that I have never gone back to Ketchum without making a pilgrimage each time to Java on Fourth for a refill. Honest.

So very recently I was sitting in Java on the North end of Boise with my favorite PR client. We were discussing an important "business" venture as I was anxiously awaiting the barrista to call my name, knowing that at that moment I would once again take my Bowl of Soul in hand and into heart..Ahh the pleasures of gluten-free abundance abound...take a look for yourself ~

This favorite client of mine indulged in a non-gluten free breakfast of oatmeal, but not just ANY oatmeal...the best looking bowl I've ever seen and I can't even eat the stuff. That's an entire other blog discussion ~ to eat oats or not eat oats...(as a Celiac)...that is the question. I mean look at this beauty. Fresh oats, steamed milk, honey, sliced bananas and cinnamon...with a dollop of foam. The breakfast of Champions...which is ironically what my favorite client truly is...a Champion.

Truth be told, this blog entry is not only about a delicious treat, but actually about how I came to choose the name of my blog. As I was brainstorming ideas and scratching out words in my notebook it suddenly came to me..."Hey, what's my most favorite place to visit where my soul is filled with beauty and peace?...Oh, Sun Valley...and where's my special little coffee house haunt?...well,Java on Fourth...okay, AND what's my favorite beverage I look forward to every time?...Ah haaaa the Bowl of Soul, of course!" Those three little words so nicely describe the abundance I was searching for as I set out to create this little snippet of gluten-free enjoyment for anyone who cares to indulge. It was the perfect melding of all I was looking for...don't you just love when that happens?!

And there you have it.

I would be remiss if I didn't attempt to tell you how you too can create your own tasty "Bowl of Soul" in case you aren't heading to good ole' Idaho any time soon. I'm certainly not giving away the proprietor's secret recipe, I'm simply letting my taste buds do the talking from the yumminess they remember and putting those ingredients on virtual-paper. Since it's technically still winter, curl with with a good book and a Bowl of Soul and make your tummy very happy:

12 oz. Steamed, frothy milk of your choice - (non-fat, low-fat, soy, almond)

2 Tbsp. Of your favorite cocoa powder ~ (Java uses Mexican chocolate)

1 Shot of espresso

2 Tsp. of cinnamon

1 Tsp. of cocoa (to sprinkle on top)

3 Tbsp. of freshly whipped cream, or any you choose but PLEASE not out of a can!

Steam the milk and cocoa together to create a perfectly blended mixture, then pour in the espresso shot, add the cinnamon and stir. Plop the yummy dollop of whipped cream on the side of the cup and sprinkle the cocoa with abundance!

Enjoy the delicious, gluten-free happiness. Happy Friday.


lanaberry said...

Ahhh bowl of soul...perhaps the thing i miss most since i moved back to texas from idaho. i used to frequent the hailey location. i still have my travel mug and everytime i use it i crave a bowl of soul and get really depressed that i can't have one haha.

travis said...

Thanks for this post! I spent a summer in Ketchum while in college some 14 years ago. Anyway, I too discovered the Bowl of Soul and still to this day will recall it occasionally with a smile.

Thanks for the recipe!

Unknown said...

Oh the memories... what I wouldn't give just to have one right now! Great post and it warms me inside just thinking about it. In fact, I had to stop over at the one in Sun Valley on my way up to Redfish Lake from LA this past summer.

Suni said...

I recently moved to Hawaii and I have been craving a Bowl of Soul. Hawaii has sand, sun and lot's of fun but nothing compares to curling up with a book and a Bowl of Soul. Thanks for the Recipe. I tried making one from taste tonight, it was good but not the same. I'll try this recipe next time. Thanks also for capturing the whole Bowl of Story experience. Made me miss home and count my blessings.

dehappyscrapper said...

Wonderful post. I live in Twin Falls, ID and love the Bowl of Soul at java. I am excited to try this recipe but am wondering where you can buy Mexican chocolate. Thanks again for the recipe.

Nicole Barker said...

I Googled "Bowl of Soul" and found your blog. Like you, this drink has made an indelible mark on my memory. I last had one in 1994 and have never forgotten it. Also of note are the awesome cups that the drink is served in. I have always wanted to make my own pottery to replicate Java's bowls: a bowl of coffee with a lip - how cool. Thanks for validating my memory - I guess I'm not the only one who wants to go back to Idaho for the coffee first.

Janet V said...

Thx for this recipe--I've been searching for years!!! A quick note to you for future recipes: as a reader, it is confusing to read "teaspoon " abbreviated as Tsp. Normally you don't capitalize the t. Better to use tsp and Tblsp or, even faster T. and t. for tablespoon and teaspoon.

Jules said...

I'm here at Jave in Downtown Boise as I write this having a Bowl of Soul! Today is their 25th anniversary and they are celebrating with 91 cent Bowls of Soul!!!