Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Abundance ~

It's spring!


It's been a long and cold winter and I can honestly say that in spite of loving my pashminas and coats, I'm tired of wearing wool! I am starting to feel the promise of warmer days and lovely, tranquil evenings just around the corner with every passing day and new bud that appears on my cherry trees in my backyard. However, I would be hugely remiss if I didn't attribute much of my optimism and happiness of this Easter weekend to the gift of new life...HIS life.

Easter in southern California is interesting and's just always a shock to me remembering they have only ONE season down there - Flip Flops! So…when in Rome, no? I mean, you really can't play at the beach wearing anything but these sacred, rubber-pieced-together little beauties - they exemplify smiles and sunshine, don't they?

On Good Friday it's imperative that we good-practicing Catholics consume fish and no meats of any kind, so my family and I headed to a great fish restaurant in downtown San Diego, Anthony's Fish Grotto. It's a San Diego favorite and has been a safe place for me to eat, and as a Celiac, there are so many menu options and you never leave dissatisfied ~ quite the opposite, truly yummy.

The one thing I will never get over and thankfully so, is seeing all of these new life-joys that my three-year old nephew is experiencing, through his eyes. I love the feeling of remembering how it felt to see a dyed Easter egg for the first time and how excited a child can become over using those wax-crayons to write their name on a pink or purple little oval creation. It's beautiful to see and to remember the years of Easter egg hunts after Mass and that feeling of excitement that maybe, just maybe the Easter Bunny visited you the night before and left a basket filled with amazing sugary surprises ~ What joy...though there's some serious hazards that come along with being an Easter cookie when there's a three year old running around!

Just a helpful tip for gluten intolerant folks...though we can't eat a lot of the "mainstream" Easter candy we still have a lovely variety to choose from...and not just on Easter - go ahead and indulge all year through. I LOVE Dagoba Organic Chocolates AND the global, earth-friendly story that accompanies the delicious taste of each dark chocolate bite. Image wrapping your taste buds around such flavors/aromas as lavender, mixed with blueberry or the spice of chai or mint-rosemary...shall I continue? The beauty of this gluten-free chocolate extends far beyond the delicious aftertaste - check out their website and the history of the company to see for yourself. Simply wonderful...and lucky me~ my sis-in-law Easter Bunny delivered some Dagoba in my basket this year!

I wish blessings of Easter's abundance for everyone, mixed with a little chocolate and hopefully an egg with YOUR name on it.

Happy spring ~ Happy Easter season!

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