Friday, January 30, 2009

Celiac Awareness, Local Style ~

As many of you may or may not know, I've been on a kick for a while now to really promote the heck out of Celiac Disease and create awareness on every level possible. And since I work in the world of public relations and have easier access (sometimes!) to the media, I decided to pitch my celiac story again and see if one of my reporter friends would bite on it. It worked! My friend Patranya, from KTVN, Ch. 2, the CBS affiliate in Reno is really good at her job and helped me put together a quick story to help elevate the level of celiac disease throughout Northern Nevada.

Take a look when you have some time, and pass it along to anyone you know who might be a Celiac or gluten intolerant. Education is the KEY!

In the meantime, get outside and enjoy this day - it's gorgeous and gluten free ~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Europe modifies gluten-free standards

Glorious raindrops are falling on my head...sort of. I'm staring out my office window (taking a little break from work)to see the rain that's finally falling, and it's a wonderful sight...ohhhh the smell of rain and fresh air. It definitely renews the senses and the spirit.

I love rain.

I also love Europe and eating gluten-free on that Continent, and have just learned today, thanks to a new colleague I'm working with in the gluten-free world, that Europe or the UK specifically, have established new rules for gluten free food. Right on the heels of learning there were no mechanisms in place for labeling and monitoring the gluten-free labels in Europe, comes this report......The new guidelines will follow the United States Allergen guidlines that 20 parts per million of gluten is considered gluten-free.

Have you ever wondered how much is 20 parts per million? Imagine a basketball court covered with 999,980 grains of sand. If you add 20 more grains of sand, you’ve got it.

Though the packaging of all GF foods in Europe/UK aren't required to go into effect until January of 2012, those manufacturers who are ready can begin using the new labeling system immediately - giving Celiacs who travel to Europe (and live there, of course) even more peace of mind about exactly what they are eating in their gluten-free products.

This kind of news is so important for Celiacs to be aware of - if you have a great story or informative article you would like to share with the world, please send it my way.

I'm going to continue sipping my warm tea now and watching the rain fall...while dreaming of eating gluten-free in some charming cafe in Europe. And to share my favorite quote with you all, since it's such a perfect day for such words..."There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea."

~Bernard Paul Heroux(1900's Basque philosopher)

Be well.

Be informed ~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Celiac and Social Media Mix ~

As you might have guessed...I'm on a mission to educate as many who will listen...about Celiac Disease and the ever-increasing number of Americans (and worldwide citizens) who are newly diagnosed, or yet to be. And, as most of you already know, 1 out of every 133 Americans has Celiac Disease!

Therefore, I created a new group on Facebook for any and all to join and learn more about the fight for awareness and one day, a cure! If you are a Facebook member or want to become one, please do join my new group: Gluten-free Bowl of Soul

The more the merrier...the greater the awareness!

Cheers and thanks for joining.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Gluten-free New Year ~

I'm not a huge fan of making resolutions in the New Year, though I have been known in the past to put together "a list" of all my good intentions and hopes for the coming 365 days, however, this year I did make one resolution I'm determined to stick with - NO MORE GLUTEN POISONING!!

Need I say more...

Well yes. You see, I'm in the midst of starting off this New Year severely under the weather due to eating a substantial, and accidental amount of flour last Saturday night at a favorite Mexican restaurant that I've frequented over the last few years. Even after asking the appropriate questions and requesting the "plain mild green salsa"...there was a communication breakdown...and they used the salsa sauce WITH flour added to cut the spiciness.

Needless to say, I've never been so ill from consuming gluten. Sigh.

On a more uplifting note, "gluten-free" is becoming more and more prevalent in the mainstream news and I'm sure that 2009 will not be an exception to this new rule.

Here's some very interesting stories that I wanted to share with you all; one on NPR News that I found to cast a different light on "gluten" and the other was posted on my hometown news radio station, KCBS and reported on by food editor, Narsai David.

And finally, a story in the Chicago Tribune this week regarding Whole Foods pulling some of its GF products off the shelf.

So here's to a happy, healthy, gluten-free 2009!!

Happy New Year!