Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Worth the wait...

After walking by Blue Bottle Coffee's never-ending line EVERY time I was at SF's Ferry Marketplace on the Embarcadero, I finally decided to endure the wait for what must be the world's best coffee, right? I mean you folks who have been there know what I'm talking about...and to top off the wait last weekend was Fleet Week so needles to say, I've never seen that many people packed in to SF at one time!

We waited in line...and waited...30 minutes passed before we were able to mutter the words to our order..."two cafe lattes please"...

Does it look worth the wait to you?

It WAS and it's gluten-free, of course. Warm and frothy in-hand, it tasted like a latte one can only find on the other side of the Pond...very Euro, very delish and really good. So good, that we carried our cups around for a couple of hours even after the last drops were consumed; it just felt right to hang onto that paper cup that we had earned donning the simple, yet clearly effective logo - Yeah for marketing and getting a cup of Joe right!

I'll be back next Saturday and yes,...patiently (or not) enduring the loooong line for frothy goodness.