Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Cupcakes~

Ever just have a day when you feel like baking cupcakes? I do. You see, I've been recovering from yet another bout with gluten poisoning that took place last week at a restaurant in Seattle. Such a bummer, because Seattle has always been bit like my "gluten-free Mecca," offering such a vast variety of safe foods cooked by chefs who know what hell they are doing. Ignorance happens. The life of a Celiac...but I digress. The point of this blog post is to reflect upon tasty little cupcakes I baked the other night, inspired by the longing for batter I couldn't quite eat yet, and a need to be creative, using my beautiful oven and new Breville hand mixer!

The more time I spend in my kitchen, pouring through foodie magazines, or blogs the happier I become. It's a really good time to love food in this country. The sheer abundance of informative, creative and exciting cooking ideas flooding the Internet and pleasing the eye on glossy pages splattered with divine looking dishes, just waiting to be introduced to each of us, is stupendous and overwhelming...in a good way, of course. It's also a lot of fun to try new recipes and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Baking little cupcakes to ease a week of being "glutened" doesn't really make sense, does it. I mean, when you can't really eat and your head is foggy how does one find inspiration blending flours and standing in a kitchen waiting for a tasty treat that cannot yet be enjoyed, due to the violent bulldozing of little villi? Well, call me strange or just understand that there's a peace for me that comes from creating anything in my kitchen to share with others or for myself...but sharing is way more fun.

My little montage of photos in honor of delish vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd is intended to be shared and passed along. It's a super easy recipe that you'll find on Bob's Red Mill vanilla cake mix. The lemon curd is a favorite of mine found at Trader Joe's.

What's better than handing someone a sweet little treat baked with love and good ingredients?

Vanilla Lemon Curd Cupcakes ~

Loving my new Breville hand mixer

Yes, I cheated and used good old Bob's GF mix

I love this lemon curd from Trader Joe's ~ a dollop will do ya'

Pop them in the oven...

Voila! Happy cupcakes for all

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The beauty of the Golden Gate...I can never get enough of this magnificent sight, the sound of the waves lapping on shore and the view of the mighty Pacific.

It was the perfect view and place to have started the New Year...all full of possibilities and endless light.