Friday, May 6, 2011

Blossoms Abound ~

As I gazed out my window this morning I was stopped in thought by the vision of these gorgeous blossoms that have suddenly come to life. The light was perfect, so I quickly grabbed my camera and skipped outside to try and capture the beauty of these sweet, delicate pedals and blossoms through my little lens.

The sunlight reveals beauty to us each and every moment of the day, but it's up to us to stop and take notice of what's being illuminated before our eyes. It is a gift to be halted from our mindless chatter and brought front and center to the present moment. The power of one blossom. It's the same in life and in our relationships. Stop and notice the ones you love every day. Compliment them, as you would a beautiful blossoming flower and relish in the beauty of spirit. Imagine the shift of light on our plane, and the amount of joy that would abound every day if we would remember this one, small and powerful sentiment.

This post and photos are dedicated to my Mother in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday. My Mom is so beautiful in spirit, both inside and out. Her love and patience continue to teach me to grow and become a better woman every day. I admire her essence and faith, which guide my family through the light and dark to joy.

Let's all stop to remember the incredible women who gave us life and say...Thank You.

Happy Mother's Day weekend!