Friday, April 24, 2009

Beauty on a Friday...

Friday photo -

So, it's actually snowing outside right now - yes, I said "snowing." However, when I snapped these lovely photos of the blooming buds on my trees yesterday the sun was still shining.

I was chatting with a dear friend of mine who lives in the Basque Country this morning on Skype, and during our conversation we came up with three lovely little affirmations that just seemed to float into our discussion regarding life, love, living and keeping a positive attitude during uncertain times.

I will share them all with you ~

~ Less is more - (which can truly be applied to every aspect of life or personal philosophy)

~ Gero Gerokaok - In the Basque language this essentially means, Seize the day, enjoy the moment, Carpe Diem

~ Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing.

Have a savory weekend and hopefully, you are located some where it is not snowing!

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