Friday, October 5, 2012

Vapor Trails....

The Grand Canyon is in view. I sat on the correct side of the plane this particular evening, grateful for the vista of such a work of art, personalized by Mother Nature, herself. 

What does it say about one's spirit or true character if they are to admit that some of their most enlightened and/or awe-inspired moments happen for them (okay, me) at 35,000 + feet above the earth? 

I'm lucky enough on this particular flight to be writing this post from the more comfortable front section of this flying vessel, a place called business class. Yes, I am drinking a cup of Chardonnay that's enlighten my mood a bit, on the tails of having to say goodbye to all whom I love the most this afternoon in So. California. As we speed past some of the most gorgeous cloud formations I've seen in a very long time I'm in congruence with the understanding of why a legend, such as Hemingway, experienced elations and inspiration in his writing endeavors via the tool and use of various forms of alcohol! At 35,000 feet, one simple glass of wine turns my own writer's brain on hi-speed...creating feelings of grandeur and effervescence for written words. Simple forms of beauty, such as thunderclouds and a view of the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, remind me of our planet's magnificence and splendor!

Flying in a plane is a privilege. It's a blessing in a sense, to view our planet from this elevated altitude and vantage point. Towering thunderstorms appear out my window like giant volcanos in the we swoop by I find myself mesmerized and starring at them as their formations twist and turn before my eyes, seemingly tempting us with their turbulence. But the jarring and shaking they throw at our airplane is no comparison to this thing called LIFE, which inevitably awaits our impending arrival far below. I've found out the hard way that bumps in the air are no match for the bumps that life inevitably offers up with gusto and enthusiasm. Though the same can be said for the beauty you see while flying as it relates to the beauty experienced throughout life...

A big jolt shakes me back into the present moment where I'm reminded, once again, soaring alone on this vessel through the sky, how thoroughly at peace I feel in these fleeting  moments of joy. The simple pleasures of a window seat.

A temporary "high" created by the likes of God, Mother Nature and yes...that cheap glass of Chardonnay. 

Bon voyage!

* On a gluten-free side note, I wanted to mention a great restaurant, LuLu California Bistro, located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, CA. We discovered this eatery on the way to the airport, realizing they offered a full gluten-free menu! The atmosphere is a mix of hip and retro, offering more glamorous dining inside, and a huge outside patio (with mist-ers for those roasting Desert days). The food was very good and I indulged in a bowl of GF pasta - such a treat. Everything in their kitchen is separated to ensure no cross-contamination and the wait staff is knowledgeable. The menu offerings are abundant and it's a restaurant I'll definitely visit again. 

Be sure to check out LuLu California Bistro the next time you find yourself in the Palm Springs area. 

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