Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Perfect Fall Day...

"I envy the tree,
how it reaches
but never holds." 
- Mark Nepo 

Rarely do I choose to use the word "perfect" when I write or speak, as it conjures up so many illusions of unattainable circumstances or outcomes...however, when it comes to using this word in reference to the gifts and works created by Mother Nature, it feels quite substantiated!

Today is one of those fall days which makes you beg, wish, pray, hope for duplication. The light has changed and the stillness of tree branches has arrived. It's a brief respite before fall begins to slip into winter, bringing cold gusts of wind and capturing the exquisite "light" that's ascended upon us all for these precious few remaining weeks is a gift.

I carry my iPhone with me everywhere I go - it's the downside of the work I do but on the upside, my camera is always a swipe away, allowing me to capture moments in image that are worth keeping...
and sharing!

Happy Fall!

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hanna said...

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