Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gluten-Free Goodies ~

It's a rainy morning...the flowers are loving this weather and green is beginning to pop up as I'm nestled here working away at my desk, sipping my favorite Parisian tea, Mariage Freres I got to thinking about all of the delicious, lovely and inspirational products and goodies I've seen this week via some of my favorite bloggers, businesses and gourmet I thought I'd share...oh, and the one little Parisian splurge was totally for my iPhone, not for me!

I picked up this little goody at the Apple store - the moment my eyes connected with zzzz Tour Eiffel it was mine...I mean, my iPhones'...silly. This cover, made by Venom in the UK, has a great graphic and super smooth surface that fits the phone perfectly, and will aid in the conjuring up of lovely memories from past visit(s) to Paris. Just looking at this photo I can feel and smell the Parisian air, hear the sounds of cars, sirens and boat horns tooting down the Seine. It makes me happy.

A former boss and friend of mine who is also a Celiac, recently posted on Facebook that she was reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, so I had to download it and start reading. I'd heard of this book a while ago but my friend's recommendation, stemming from the horrors and truths behind what wheat is really like today in America, was too intriguing to pass by. I'm half way through and am in utter amazement of what an abomination our United States food industry really has become. I've been reading and researching more and more, digging in and learning about the hostile takeover of the worlds seeds by certain unnamed food giants ruining the health of millions. There are some terrific documentaries out there folks - just do a little searching and you'll easily find the likes of Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, King Corn, etc. All can be found on Netflix. I'll stop here...but I must tell you that I've developed very strong opinions about our food sources and eating organically...and though I used to question Vegans, I'm in their corner more than ever as it pertains to most foods. It would take a lot for me to completely give up fresh fish and chicken...and eggs! So I do my very best to research where my food comes from and try to buy organic products.

If you enjoy on-line shopping for food and gluten-free treats then you'll love these suggestions. I've become a huge fan of FOOD52 and all of their wonderful recipes and product mentions. Today's news is no exception as Amanda and Merrill boast about artisanal olive oil and tea. The featured olive oil, California Olive Ranch, is already a fav of mine. I LOVE their Arbequina oil as it's so lively and fruity.

If you're in the mood for some fun baking with the kids or a treat for yourself, Living Without Magazine just posted a delicious looking GF, dairy-free S'mores Bar recipe that sounds so yummy. A perfect treat to make this weekend and you don't even need a campfire!

And last but certainly not least...Market Hall Foods is talking all about a company and their products from Northern California (my homeland) that's really great...the Mendocino Sea Salt & Seasoning Company. They offer three salts; Artisan, a flaky sea salt comes from the clear, cold waters off the Mendocino Coast, Nori, with local, edible seaweed, and Seasoning "Sand," a blend with garlic, onion, brown sugar and pepper. I want to try all three.

Hope these fun finds and goodies bring a smile to your face and a fun package to your door. I'd love to hear about your favorite gluten-free goodies and why you love them...always looking for reader input and ideas we can post/share.


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