Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

I guess winter has arrived a bit early.

Enjoy a serene and gluten-free weekend ~

P.S. - Hot tip: I had a client event today and had ordered a Gluten-free veggie baked potato from BJ's Restaurant and Brewery in Reno. They offer a GF menu, so we ordered off of that and my dear client was so sweet to triple-check my order when she picked it up...however, when I opened the potato and found a side of what I believed to be melted butter (per my request) I was shocked to realize that it was not! After taking two or three tastes, I realized that it was more of a fettuccine sauce (with most likely some flour!), not butter. So once again, don't ever 100% trust ordering off of a gluten-free menu.

It obviously always pays to stand next to the chef in the kitchen and watch his or her every move! Well, since that's not really possible just realize that there's always a risk involved.

My two hour "will I get sick" time frame is almost up, and I'm praying that I will not get sick from this mishap. My client asked ALL the right questions - it's strictly the insane lack of knowledge that most all kitchens possess when it comes to truly knowing how to serve a gluten-free customer! I could go on...but I digress.

Just wanted to pass this information along!

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