Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring -

It's Friday and it is also the first day of spring!! So I thought it was a perfect day to share these beautiful photos of the ocean that I took last weekend from a beach and a certain bench in Del Mar, CA -

The ocean is so amazing to me and delivers such a sense of peace and a big dose of humility, all rolled up in one perfect, crashing wave. The sound of the surf is truly what brings me the most peace and sense of gratitude.

Enjoy the peace that comes from these photos and enjoy the first weekend of spring 2009!

Also, if you happen to be in Carlsbad, CA anytime MUST stop by Jimbo's Market on Calle Barcelona and treat yourself to some truly delicious and wonderful gluten-free baked raspberry and blueberry scones, chocolate/vanilla cupcakes and a divine piece of strawberry cheesecake that I'm still savoring bite by bite...the baker at that Jimbo's location, Sarah, is classically trained and very knowledgeable on gluten-free baking and the process of non-gluten contamination in the kitchen .

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