Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this day dedicated to love, I was inspired to share my most favorite and inspirational greeting card that I've kept with me and close to my heart for ten years. I bought it at a little card shop in Sun Valley, ID one cold winter day right when I needed it. The warmth and depth of the words expressed on the card melted my heart and inspired me...so much so that I've always kept them close and have read and re-read the lines more times than I can recall over the last decade.

The power of words light up my life.

What might light up your life or heart today, as we celebrate Valentine's Day, is knowing which yummy candies are gluten- free and safe, and which sweets are to be avoided. Be sure to review the list and read all the ingredients before you bite into that sweet treat. There's no better way to put the kibosh on any romantic dinner than by getting gluten poisoning...so, might I suggest spending a few less seconds gazing into your sweetie's baby blues and instead, avert your longing gaze towards the menu items that you KNOW are safe and/or carefully read over the entire ingredients list of any packaged goodies. I'm betting that an extra smooch will make up for the diversion.

Say I love you to someone special today...and don't forget to remember how special you are too. :)

Happy chocolate.

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