Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Good Race...

As you might have noticed, I haven't been keeping to my regular weekly blog posts - sorry! You see, I've been training for a half-marathon race that's taking place this Saturday in Sun Valley, Idaho and therefore, I've been a bit focused on my daily training regime in preparation for this exciting challenge!

The past two years were so grueling on my body due to numerous gluten poisonings and I lost a lot of my athletic ability and strength, which was not sitting well with me at all. Once and athlete, always an athlete in your heart and in February, continuing with the commitment of 2010 that I made to myself to be my own best advocate, to inspire myself to greater fitness and safe, healthy eating, signing up for this race and committing to a training program felt like my calling.
So I did just that - signed up, just for me.

As my weekly miles have increased, I've paid close attention to my growing hunger pangs and what I have been fueling my body with. I've noticed that my metabolism has sped up, which hasn't happened in years and after loosing so much muscle last year, I've been determined to eat more protein, try more gluten-free grains (like more Quinoa -yum!), cut back on sugar even more and limit my alcohol intake, which is never that much to start. As my body has been adjusting to the demands I've been placing on it, I wasn't sure how this would go - I mean, would I be strong enough to run 13 miles? So adding more healthy, gluten-free calories and good fats has been a priority and a fun challenge to keep feeding myself tasty, different foods that are loaded with nutrition. Kale is also still a favorite and a super-green!

I came across an interesting article today via my e-blasts that arrive each morning, re-inspiring me to run faster, father, and keep up the good fight for fitness! The article, Eat Like a Pro with a Low Gluten Diet, is out of Canyon Ranch, and written by nutritionist, Hana A. Feeney, MS, RD, CSSD. It is a rather inclusive article and even discusses Celiac Disease and gives healthy menu tips. She speaks about the 2009 Le Tour de France team and how they limited gluten in their race diet due to gluten being an inflammatory food in the racers' diet. "Removing gluten helped to promote optimal recovery from grueling climbs and muscle-burning time trials. Included on the list of inflammatory foods were items containing gluten, a protein in wheat, barley and rye."

After reading this article I was reminded once again, that eating the Celiac, non-gluten diet truly has so many nutritional benefits to a healthier overall body. It offers less food-related complications that can arise from eating foods that tend to inflame the gut, are over processed and can misguide a body.

In preparation for Saturday's big race, I've been eating a lot of Quinoa and really loving it - however, our meal of choice for the pre-race night will probably consist of some kind of delicious gluten-free pasta, grilled chicken and lots of fresh veggies...with cheese, of course!

I'm so looking forward to this great challenge and as I cross the finish line and am proudly presented with my race metal (yes, we all get one!) I will be thinking about all the other Celiacs in the world who are perhaps struggling to find a diagnosis, or just learning about the disease and feel overwhelmed. The truth is, living as a Celiac can be a huge challenge but it also comes with many little/big joys and triumphs.

Saturday's race will be one of those little/big triumphs for me and my body.

We are so looking forward to the challenge!

Be well and take care of your body ~

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Anonymous said...

Wow - great job Aimee! I can't wait to hear about how it goes. You are such an strive for a healthy body and live gluten-free living a shot!