Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Stuff to Know and Eat ~

Happy Friday everyone!

I am beat after a very busy and productive week, but wanted to share a few interesting tid-bits that I found in several magazines and on-line news outlets that I subscribe to. I love magazines, books and reading. Some of my favorite subscriptions are to: the legendary, Sunset Magazine, along with Living Without and Travel and Leisure, to name a few.

March's issue of Sunset Magazine (which hopefully you own or can view on line) had a fun photo layout under "The West at its Best - Hot Plants," that featured some new greens, yummy beans and a photo of some gluten-free crops. Yeah Sunset! The accompanying brief read: "Protein-rich, gluten-free seeds like quinoa, millet, and amaranth are finally sexy, thanks to rising wheat intolerance. How easy it is: Quinoa is a snap (it's drought-tolerant and maintenance-free), but harvest is laborious. Start in early spring (maturity takes 90-130 days), then prepare to thresh and winnow." in case you want to grow your own, there you go!

Instead of growing my own crop of quinoa, I prefer to purchase it at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's - there are several good brands and gluten-free choices at both locations.

The new spring issue of Living Without is on newsstands now. It's got a darling cover that makes us all want to bake more and a particularly interesting article about food labeling titled, "A Closer Look at Labeling"...something that should be of great importance and interest to every Celiac. As the gluten-free industry continues to explode, this serious and sometimes controversial topic will be getting more and more press and hopefully, FDA attention.

And finally, this story popped up in my Google Alerts and I thought it was worth sharing. It's titled, "Gluten Sensitivity Beyond the Gut," and deals with mounting evidence now linking gluten sensitivity with problems in the nervous system (neurological disorders)— even in people without intestinal symptoms.

As a Celiac, I find that it's so important to educate myself and try to stay on top of all the information and studies that are out there now. It's truly amazing to see the sheer volume of news that's now dedicated to this disease and to living gluten-free...with abundance, of course!

Have a great weekend - Stay tuned next week for a yummy restaurant review!


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