Friday, May 8, 2009

Guest Blogger Day ~

My dear friend Alison was so generous to share her time and words as this Friday's guest blogger ~

As the best friend of a Celiac (who’s the owner of this blog) I am forever conscious, or better yet, painfully aware, of the ingredients listed in my favorite foods and snacks; delicious goodies that I know my dear friend could never enjoy as a celiac. With that in mind, I try to empathize with her situation and eat similar foods that I know are also healthy for me, treats that I find or products that she suggests.

While strolling through Whole Foods in Monterey the other day, I stumbled upon a particular little “yummy” that I just had to try out. Blue Diamond Nut Thins, a gluten free cracker made with nuts and rice. The company is also a proud supporter of the Celiac Disease Foundation. Perfect!

I wanted to share my good fortune with Aimee so I called her right away to let her know about my wonderful new snack and to my surprise she knew nothing about these scrumptious little crackers. What terrific news it must be when living on such a restricted diet when you find a tempting new treat to try. And try you must, for these little crackers are so delicious I can’t put them down. Thankfully, one serving consists of sixteen crackers. I’ve tried the cheddar and pecan flavor and find them irresistible and I think you will too!

Snack to your hearts content with the peace of knowing that these gluten-free treats won’t let you or your stomach down.

Visit Alison on her website or at her equestrian training stable in Monterey, CA

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