Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Taste of GF Thai Cuisine ~

There was a bit of celebration that took place in my life last week, with the help of my loved ones. You see, I completed my first writing assignment for Living Without magazine and submitted my story to the editor on Wednesday...three days before the real deadline!

When the article was completed, there was a brief moment of sheer terror as I hesitantly hit the "send" button on my computer, shooting my words out into cyberspace, hoping they would arrive in the editor's inbox and received with a smile, or at least a grin! So the weeks and weeks of writing and research have come to a close; at least for now.

My uber-kind parents and dear friend ML decided to take me to dinner, "post-send", to celebrate my accomplishment and enjoy some delicious food and drink together. Mind you, it was also the first real meal I'd managed to eat since January 3rd, after my gluten poisoning, so I savored every bite of that delicious cuisine at Café de Thai, in Reno...or as they describe their offerings, "sophisticated Thai cuisine served in a modern setting."

I've eaten gluten-free and safely at this restaurant for several years now and the head chef and wait staff are very knowledgeable and savvy with their knowledge of eating sans gluten. I am very careful about which items I choose, of course, but the staff has always promised to double-check with the chef on any menu choice I've made and if there's an issue with gluten, they make sure to come back with an alternative choice, and the offering clarity.

It's not every day as a Celiac that you can dine on delicious Pad Thai, mango chicken, and Thai slaw salad with pear...and the pièce de résistance...

Thai Tapioca!

Cafe de Thai serves my absolute favorite tapioca, rich with flavor and served warm with mint. I highly recommend enjoying a lunch or dinner there for yourself, and don't forget to try one of their delightful and unique alcoholic beverages from the hip bar, just behind the ceiling-to-floor water feature. The restaurant's atmosphere is worth the visit, in itself.

Make sure to tell your server that you are eating "gluten-free" and you too will be sure to enjoy a wonderful dining experience.

Enjoy and be safe ~

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Stacey said...

Mmmm, I love thai. It is so nice that they will accommodate and take the time to double check. Communication is the key.