Friday, June 13, 2008

Reality check…Celiac style ~

I have a confession to make…but before I blurt it out there for all the world to read (or maybe just my devoted readers)...I need to premise the confession with the fact that I’m a positive person, to my core, most of the time, overall…and hopefully a positive Bloggerette, as well!

OK – now I feel better.

So here goes my confession - I feel like garbage today…or perhaps it’s even been for a few weeks now, with no certain reason or tangible explanation other than perhaps, it's simply the woes of a Celiac. Though we can feel a million times better when we live gluten free, I still believe that Celiacs are more susceptible to issues that others don’t face and my “100%” is not the same as a healthier person’s…I’ve been compromised. That’s just a fact to live with. Today, in particular, I haven’t felt well at all. So I’m left here to ponder everything I’ve eaten…which wasn’t much. The only possible culprit could be some of the bacon bits or pieces on my delicious salad that I was finally able to eat at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. But here’s the thing that you can all understand…I’ve eaten at this lovely café Voila, many times and have ordered this salad at least six times before, and never with any issue. Today I was even extra careful to make sure they replaced the Blue cheese with Feta, just to be on the double-safe side…but now here I sit, sipping a small glass of Cabernet sauvignon (because I swear red wine does help when you get poisoned or have an upset stomach…NOT that I’m saying make a habit of it…wink) pondering WHY it’s so tough to be a Celiac sometimes, while other days it is an amazing blessing. Do I see any heads nodding in agreement out there?

Here’s the other thing – if it’s not that I had a gluten mis-hap, then there’s a strong possibility that it could be my other fantastic auto-inflammatory disease rearing its ugly head once again, Endometriosis. I figure that so many of you have written to me sharing your very personal health stories and issues, which I greatly appreciate, that it’s a safe forum to divulge ALL of my issues that are completely connected back to having Celiac Disease. So here’s my really important question for any and all women reading this post - Have you ever suffered through or lived with the combination of Celiac and Endometriosis? There’s always “safety in numbers,” as well as, support, so I would love to hear from anyone who’s living with the two. Greater insight is always appreciated.

At this moment I’m toying with the thought of delving further into all that is involved with the pain, bloating, exhaustion and mystery of Endometriosis but I would prefer to wait and see if I hear form any of you out there …and later perhaps, I’ll compile a more detailed post that could include other’s perspectives and experiences of what it’s like to live with both diseases, while remaining sane and with a quality of life that every woman deserves. The last comment I will make about this, however, is that there IS a connection between these two diseases. I have always known this…for years I would try to express my ideas and feelings about this to my doctors, only to be dismissed like I didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. That is until I found my dream Celiac doctor and Gynecological surgeon – both in Reno, Nevada. Who would have ever guessed? All the years of traipsing around California in search of certainly “the best” doctor we could find, and all the while, both of my angels were in The Biggest Little City. In case any of you live in this area, here is their contact information: Dr. Yamamoto of Digestive Health Associates and Dr. Crawford of Women’s Wellness Center. Let’s just say…they both get it!

So now that I feel better after spilling my “downer-feelings” out to all of you…though you are most likely feeling a sense of blahhhh, especially after my last peppy-Parisian-post with yummy photos of croissants we can’t eat! Ha Ha. But hey, sometimes a girl just has to let down and let it out. I know that you will all understand.

It’s a never-ending quest, this life as a Celiac, isn’t it? In my opinion, it all goes back to encircling yourself with a wonderful support group of folks who truly care about you and have your back, just as you would, theirs. Listen, there are MANY, MANY worse health issues or diseases I could be laden with in this life; I always remind myself of that fact. However, it doesn’t take away from our little cross, either. But at the end of each day, even this one, I am reminded of the Celiac Circle we share and are all apart of, and that brings me great comfort (tonight and always) and many blessings.

I will share a new website that a previous boss of mine forwarded to me this week – it’s called Gluten Free Drugs and is a source of information for GF drugs, both over the counter and prescription. The multiple lists of categorized information are in PDF format and it appears to be quite a little wealth of very important information. Please take a look and bookmark this baby!


There it is – my one positive suggestion and paragraph in this entry! See…ultimately I am a “glass half-full” gal…just not every night!

And, if you are wondering about the lovely photo at the top of this post, it was taken at 7 a.m. from the first tee of La Costa Golf Club in San Diego – that photo fills me with hope and a sense of renewal each time I see it – like the fresh start to a new day.

Be well.


Be happy.


Anne Marie said...

I've never left a comment on a blogger site but your situation and confession is helpful and a relief for me. I am relatively new to the "Celiac" world. I have suspected that I was reacting to gluten after several bouts of serious illnesses and a final crash. Unfortunately, I was advised to get off of gluten before being tested and after 2 yrs. I tried to get back on for a "gluten challenge" and could only last 2 mos. and was unable to show any damage with an endoscopy. I have the gene but not the formal test to prove medically that I have any "disease," however, I have severe reactions to gluten. bedridden for a couple of days when I ingest the smallest amount. I don't have endometriosis but I think I also have issues with yeast. Have you ever considered that? Anyway, I went out to dinner for "Father's Day" and came home with a stomach ache even after trying so hard to come up with a menu item that was "clean." I am getting pretty bummed and lonely as no one I am around has ever had to deal with such a restrictive diet and now lifestyle. I can't even find a Dr. that knows anything but very basic understanding of 'celiac' or 'gluten'intolerance' as I have to consider myself without the endoscopy diagnosis. I really feel like a freak. So, reading your blog is so helpful as I can so relate...I am also a very Joyful and optimistic person usually and now I am really beginning to struggle as I see no end in sight and everything I put in my mouth is suspect. Well, I have you on my google home page and will look forward to more insights and support. By the way I am French, Born in Switzerland and have spent time in Paris enjoying many wonderful croissants and bagettes....YES! I do miss them but when I consider how sick they make me now I don't look back.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was wondering if I read it incorrectly but did you see a doctor in Reno, Nevada for celiac disease? If so, who is it? The link in this post goes Digestive Health in Texas. I'd sure love to know if there is a good doctor here! Thanks for your efforts and your blog!

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